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Wuhan Kang Lvda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a national high-tech enterprise established in July 2013 in Wuhan Optical Valley Biological City, China. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and manufacturing of polyglutamic acid, biological fertilizer research and development of raw materials such as cosmetics raw materials, food raw materials, medical carriers and flocculants. It is a comprehensive scientific and technological research and development institution integrating research and development, production, sales, technical consulting services, technology transfer and scientific and technological training. The pilot test base of Bacillus bacillus biotechnology products in Hubei Province has become an iconic enterprise of polyglutamic acid production in my country, at present, the company has completed the angel round of financing.

The company is one of the earliest units in the world that adopt liquid fermentation technology and produce polyglutamic acid on a large scale. In 2005, "Poly-γ-glutamic acid producing bacteria and method of producing poly-γ-glutamic acid" was authorized by the national invention patent. "Key technology and agricultural application of poly-γ-glutamic acid fermentation production" won the first prize of technological invention in Hubei Province. It has 21 national patents related to polyglutamic acid, of which 6 are authorized and participated in the formulation.Water Soluble Fertilizer Containing Polyglutamic Acid and Microbial Fertilizer Containing Polyglutamic AcidGroup standard 2, in the field of polyglutamic acid has the core competitiveness, in accordance with GMP standards for design and production, access to a number of management system certification. The production technology and R & D achievements of polyglutamic acid have always maintained the industry leading and international leading position in the world, and have core competitiveness in the whole industry chain innovation such as R & D and manufacturing of polyglutamic acid products and raw material production.

The company has developed agricultural fertilizer efficiency raw materials, cosmetic moisturizers and food raw materials through microbial breeding and fermentation production, and is providing technical services for raw materials and end products for hundreds of enterprises across the country.Food raw material products.Both natto powder (containing nattokinase ≥ 20000Fu/g) and natto powder (containing nattokinase ≥ 40000Fu/g) have been mass-produced, with an annual production capacity of 500 tons.cosmetics raw material products.All indexes of γ-polyglutamic acid powder raw materials with different molecular weight characteristics and different configuration ratios such as small molecular weight γ-PGA (《100 kDa) and conventional molecular weight γ-PGA (》700 kDa) are at the international advanced level, with purity as high as over 92% and total colony count less than 10CFU/g. They have the effects of moisturizing and locking water, reducing water loss, moisturizing and smoothness, whitening and anti-aging, and more convenient use. The recently developed Bacillus/glutamic acid fermentation product filtrate (sodium polyglutamate ≥ 1%) has good moisturizing performance, promotes skin health, improves skin quality, has better compatibility in the formula system, and is more convenient to use.Agricultural grade raw materials and end products.γ-PGA stock solution (4%-20%) and dry powder (10%-20%) raw materials, with stable products and high quality, have become one of the important raw materials for new fertilizer production. At present, the company has realized industrial mass production of raw materials with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons.3The fertilizer product containing polyglutamic acid microbial agent has obtained the registration certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture,11 itemsThe water-soluble fertilizer of large, medium and trace elements has been filed by the Ministry of Agriculture. The above-mentioned products are currently used in a wide range of food crops such as sweet potatoes and potatoes, and cash crops such as radishes and grapes, and have achieved good results.

Up to now, the company has 45 regular employees, 23 well-known domestic technical and management consultants, and a team of 42 high-level technical experts involved in agriculture, food, medicine, and environmental protection, including 2 national second-level professors, 15 third-level professors, and 25 other talents and doctors.