Small molecule polyglutamic acid-LM3 (cosmetic grade)

Small molecule sodium polyglutamate, molecular weight: ≤ 100 kDa

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Product Description

1. this product alias

Natto gum, sodium polyglutamate

2. INCI name of this product

  Sodium Polyglutamate

3. the molecular weight of this product

≤ 100 kDa

4. CAS number of this product


5. the appearance of this product

White or off-white crystalline powder

6. product characteristics

Small molecular weight poly-γ-sodium glutamate, relative to the regular molecular weight of the product transdermal absorption effect is better, promote the skin natural moisturizing factor generation, to achieve deep moisturizing effect, improve skin health.

7. product use

Can be used for facial mask, cream, lotion, essence, toiletries, etc

8.Recommended Dosage

0.1-1.0%, or depending on actual product demand.

9. method of use

Weigh a certain amount of this product, directly dissolved in water, stirring evenly.

10. notes:

1. Due to the excellent water absorption performance, this product is easy to absorb moisture in the air. Please use it as soon as possible after opening. If it is not used up, it should be sealed and stored in a dry place;

2. When this product is used with the thickener carbomer, it will reduce the viscosity of carbomer. It can be used to resist ionic carbomer, or it can be used with hyaluronic acid;

3. This product and high-priced metal ions will occur flocculation reaction, should avoid the use of high-priced metal cations.

XI. Shelf Life

  3 years

XII. Storage Conditions

Avoid light, dry, cool.

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