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Core Technology

More innovative
Patented technology from metabolic engineering breeding to fermentation method innovation


Kang Lvda Biology has mastered the core technology of producing P- PGA series cosmetic moisturizing raw materials. From the metabolic engineering breeding of polyglutamic acid and the innovative patent of producing polyglutamic acid (patent number ZL 03118908.3) to the innovation of fermentation method to improve the yield of polyglutamic acid (patent number ZL 200910272770.0), Jun 'an Biology has established its position as an innovative pioneer in the polyglutamic acid industry.


Higher standards
Ultra-clean white, no odor, high purity, perfect fit the high standard requirements of cosmetic raw materials



With advanced fermentation production technology (patent number: ZL201911115629.X), a more unique (different molecular weight characteristics and different configuration ratio), white color, no odor, higher purity of P-PGA powder, and efficiently retain the P-PGA natural moisturizing activity. In order to perfectly meet the needs of cosmetics manufacturers for colorless, tasteless, efficient and safe, it is also the core competitiveness of Junan Bioenergy to become an international top-notch cosmetics-grade P PGA raw material manufacturer.



More choices

P-PGA series cosmetics moisturizing raw materials and products to meet your comprehensive needs for moisturizing


1.P-PGA series products include powder and aqua, with product numbers of P-PGA(LM3). P-PGA(HM110). P-PGA(FF 10) and P-PGA(FF20. The selection is more abundant to meet your comprehensive requirements for moisturizing raw materials.


2. The large-scale fermentation production of Junan bio-cosmetic grade P- PGA raw materials has laid a leading position in the polyglutamic acid industry.



3.P-PGA raw material application technology service:

1. Product development guidance. Any problems encountered in product development, including product pre-competition research, product patent analysis, product efficacy, product filing and other issues, can provide professional guidance.

2. Formulation development services. Products containing sodium polyglutamate can be developed according to demand, including aqua, lotion, cream, mask and other types of care products.

3. Formulation process optimization. According to the actual production conditions, the formula is enlarged and the process is optimized to help deal with the problems in the production and ensure the normal operation of the production.