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Corporate Vision

After years of unremitting efforts and tenacious accumulation, the company has developed a series of poly-γ-glutamic acid raw material products, agricultural grade raw material products γ-PGA stock solution (4%-20%) and dry powder (10%-20%) through microbial breeding and fermentation production technology advantages; cosmetic grade such as small molecular weight γ-PGA (Mw《 100 kDa), conventional molecular weight γ-PGA (Mw 》700 kDa) and other poly-γ-glutamic acid powder raw materials with different molecular weight characteristics and different configuration ratios, with an annual production capacity of 50 tons. The products produced have the characteristics of white color, no peculiar smell, no bacterial residue, high purity and more stable batch quality, and the natural moisturizing activity of poly-γ-glutamic acid is effectively retained.

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Quality Assurance

With product quality as the lifeline, we will continue to increase investment in product technology and make high-quality products to satisfy users.

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Production Equipment

Rich production equipment to meet the various needs of customers Rich production equipment to meet the various needs of customers

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Production experience

We firmly believe that others can't do it, we can do it; others can do it, we will do better.

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Professional customer service

After strict technical training, we have established an experienced pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service team to fully protect the interests of customers and achieve a win-win situation.