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Chen Shouwen

National Outstanding Contribution of Young Experts
Professor Chen Shouwen is the chief scientist of Junan Biology and the pioneer of China's polyglutamic acid fermentation industrial production technology; he is also the winner of the National Ten Thousand Thousand Talents Project, the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, and the First Prize of Hubei Province Technological Invention; As the world's leading polyglutamic acid technology scientist, he has published more than 50 polyglutamic acid academic papers (as of September 2020), and polyglutamic acid papers rank first in the world. Application for authorization of 17 polyglutamic acid invention patents, polyglutamic acid utility model patents 3, the number of polyglutamic acid patents also belongs to the forefront of the world.

Wan Tao

Senior Engineer, Product Development Director
Engaged in the research and development and management of cosmetics in foreign enterprises, with rich experience, he presided over the development of washing and protecting products and won the Fashion Cosmo Beauty Festival Fashion Modeling Product Award for many years. The skin care products developed by him are exported to Southeast Asian markets and have been well received by the market. For many years in a row, he has won the Group's Global TOP Performance Award.

Ding self-reliance

Doctor/Associate Researcher/Certified Public Accountant, General Manager of the Company
He has successively worked in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. He has been engaged in scientific research and technology management for 10 years. In 2015, he left his post to start a business and established 3 companies, including 2 general taxpayer companies. Partner of China's top 100 accounting firms. Member of the overall expert group of the Ministry of Science and Technology's national key special projects in rural areas, and expert of the Ministry of Science and Technology's expert database. He has won the honorary titles of "excellent expert of industry-university-research cooperation in the agricultural field of Hubei Province" and "member of the Advisory Committee of Hubei Agricultural Science and Technology Park. He has won 7 national patents, published 12 papers and won 2 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

Wang Qin

PhD, Associate Professor, Technical Consultant
Doctor of State University of New York, postdoctoral of Tufs University (TuftsUniversity), now works in Hubei University, mainly in the fields of microbial metabolism and biomaterials, presided over 2 natural science foundations, published more than 30 SCI international academic papers, applied for 1 international patent project and 1 monograph.

Wei Xue Tuan

PhD, Associate Professor, Director of Research and Development
Long-term commitment to Bacillus strain improvement and metabolic regulation related research, through fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering and metabolic regulation and other means to achieve its efficient production. He has published more than 60 academic papers of various types, and has obtained more than 10 authorized invention patents; presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China, national key R & D programs (sub-projects), etc.

Li Xin

Doctor, Production Director
He is engaged in the study of metabolic regulation, fermentation process control and optimization and fermentation process scale-up. Responsible for the industrial production of polyglutamic acid product quality control and process technology development, engineering background. As the backbone of the company, he participated in the major projects of technological innovation in Hubei Province, published 5 academic papers and applied for 6 patents.

Liu Yuanfa

Doctoral Supervisor of Jiangnan University, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars
Executive Deputy Director of the National Key Laboratory of Food Science and Resource Mining, Dean of Baima Future Food Research Institute, Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor, New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education, and National High-level Leading Talents. Won 1 second prize of national technological invention and 3 second prizes of national scientific and technological progress. Apply for 4 international invention patents (including 3 authorized), more than 70 national invention patents (nearly 30 authorized); editor-in-chief/co-editor of "Food Industry Science and Technology Innovation Development Strategy", "Future Food Science and Technology" and other teaching materials, Monographs 4; presided over more than 10 major R & D projects such as the national "13th Five-Year" national key R & D projects, the "Twelfth Five-Year" national science and technology support plan, the National Natural Science Foundation and enterprise cooperation projects; published more than 200 academic papers. In view of the future development trend of food, it is proposed that "food omics, food synthetic biotechnology and digital food are the three major directions of food innovation and development in the future".

Wu Jinping

Third-level researcher of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences/part-time master tutor of Huazhong Agricultural University/Hubei University of Technology.
Mainly engaged in characteristic potato taro vegetable resources mining and utilization. He has successively presided over 15 provincial and ministerial projects such as the National General Fund, the National Youth Fund, the National Spark Program, the sub-projects of national key research and development projects, and major scientific research projects in Hubei Province. He has won 10 provincial and ministerial awards, presided over 8 appraisal results, formulated 8 provincial and local standards, and published more than 50 related academic papers as the first author or newsletter, including 17 SCI papers. Editor-in-chief 2 popular science works and 6 deputy editor; won 10 national invention patents. Won the honorary titles such as the Youth Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Agricultural Association, the 2nd Agricultural Scientific Research Outstanding Youth of the Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Alliance, and the provincial youth post expert, the executive director of the Chinese Horticultural Association Konjac Association, the vice president of the Hubei Konjac Association, and the director of the Chinese Yam Alliance.

Chen Jiangang

Sales Director/Engineer
Presided over the completion of Wuhan science and technology research projects, Hubei Province major special projects and a number of enterprise cooperation projects; participated in the national 973 plan project, national 863 (goal-oriented sub-project), 863 plan (sub-project), national support plan (sub-project), Hubei Province major science and technology projects, etc. Participated in the drafting and formulation of a series of group standards for "water soluble fertilizer containing polyglutamic acid" and "microbial fertilizer containing polyglutamic acid", formulated a number of enterprise standards for polyglutamic acid and natto food, and obtained 6 national invention patents and 6 utility model patents.

science and technology research and development

A Leader in Synthetic Biology Technology of Bacillus

Forerunner of Polyglutamic Acid Fermentation Production Technology

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